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La Costa, CA

About Me

I’ve always been interested in healthy living and formerly wrote a green blog about balancing caring for your health, with managing your budget and being a good steward of the earth. Young Living epitomizes this ethos; both as a company and in their products. The way YL cares for the land creates plants with oils of an amazing quality that can been seen in the health of our families and our wallets. It feels awesome to be doing something I love while helping others at the same time.

My specialty is making super adorable DIY items that save money, make great gifts and are good for your health. I host classes each month across San Diego that are a combination of education and crafting; each month has a different theme as together we make pampering spa items, diffuser jewelry, immune supports, DIY cleaners and seasonal items. And I always keep a stock of gift-basket ready items on hand for last minutes emergencies. Email me to get on the mailing for future classes, or inquire about gift items.

My Favorite Oil

For an all-around oil, I’d have to go with Peppermint. It’s great for everything from the occasional headache, to calming upset tummies, to pepping me up and giving me energy in the mornings, to nausea (anyone else have kids that get carsick?) to sore muscles after working out. It’s my go-to oil.

And while it is kind of cheating to mention a second oil, I have to give a shout-out to Release. This one is my life-saver for when I am feeling fed up with the kids and I know it’s not all their fault! I joke with the kids and call it my ‘Let it go’ oil, because when I put it on I can let go of the stress about the messy living room, and noise and chaos and everything else. I can let the kids be kids, and I can enjoy being me.

First Oil Success

Not sure it was my first success as I grew up in a family that used essential oils occasionally, but I remember the first time I thanked the stars for my oils.

We were camping out in the desert – probably an hour from anywhere and after dinner my daughter started crying. She was miserable about her ear. I was panicked as it was dark and we were in the middle of nowhere without cell phone reception. I always carry tea-tree in my first aid kit for cuts and bites. I had never used it for ears before but I was desperate. So I heavily diluted the tea tree with olive oil and applied that topically.

Within 10 minutes my girl went from crying desperately to feeling enough relief to be able to fall asleep on my lap. It’s so empowering to feel like you can take charge of your health for all those minor things in life.

Join Me In The Good Drop

The Good Drop is a Facebook group with people who are interested in learning more about Young Living essential oils. No sales, just oil education. If you would like to join the group, send me a Facebook message or email laura@theGoodDrop.com to request an invitation to the group. See you there!

Oil Educator and Enthusiast


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